How to choose Incense from Web Store

Incense is perhaps to most natural strategy to provide scent for your own home or workspace. Unlike the type of commercial air fresheners you will probably find inside a grocery store which contain cancer causing chemicals, high quality incense is completely natural. Not only is this healthier, but it gives off a much more pleasing scent.

Another advantage to incense is that it provides a much quicker effect than other air freshening methods, primarily because it is burnt, and smoke, by it's nature, tend to linger in the air much longer than a liquid air freshener. You needn't be concerned with your state of health being affected by the smoke, it's you can forget dangerous that barbecuing.

Incense is come from all over the world, but by far the most common incense comes from either India or Japan. The differences between them are significant. Indian incense tends to have stronger, more intense scents, by using a heavy concentrate on floral and spice, while Japanese incense is normally more mellow.

Another difference is that Indian incense is rolled onto a thin stick that can be stuck into a foundation, such as a plant pot, while Japanese incense is formed into firm cylinders, and always requires a stand/burner of some kind to support it.

My personal preference is for Indian incense, and through far the ideal is produced through the Shrinivas Sugandhalaya company of Bangalore. Their most popular scent is Nag Champa, which is Bob Dylan's favorite, and mine. Nevertheless they make literally hundreds of different scents. If you buy incense made by this company, you can be assured it will be of high quality.

Be warned! There is lots of crappy incense around, cut with cheap chemical scents, will not buy this! Quality incense is cheap in the first place, so avoid all off brand products, and absolutely usually do not buy anything available in grocery or dollar stores. Good places to look for incense are new age bookstores, and flea markets. If you can't find any locally, there are several reliable online dealers, or you can try eBay.

One type of incense you need to avoid at all costs is named punk incense. It is actually manufactured by dipping punk sticks, which are designed to light fireworks, into fragrance oils. This is awful stuff that will provide foul black smoke, and not smell good. Stay away from anything marketed as "hand dipped", you can be certain it is actually the truth is punk incense. It is vital scented glue and sawdust. Tend Not To BUY IT!For more information please visit

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