The Myth Around Programming Languages

There is lot of myth to upcoming programmers after they commence early in their programming about Programming Languages.

A lot of students believe that Programming Languages are utilized to create applications which consist of directions towards the laptop or computer. When I ask a few of them they say I am finding out programming language because it is actually there in my syllabus. 

If you feel this way then let me tell you, it's not the purpose why that you are understanding programming language. Then why are you currently understanding. Lets take an example and attempt to eliminate this myth.

For suppose, I've a deaf servant, and I've to send him to the marketplace, to have some vegetables for me. How would I tell him which vegetables do I want. Needless to say I can not use sign language, since it might not be precise.

Yes the most beneficial factor to perform is always to create the list inside a paper and give it to him. Now you see the deaf particular person is really your pc additionally, it can't hear anything but nonetheless it does all of the operate for you personally. The question is How, and also the answer is really easy inside the identical manner what you did for your deaf servant, you create a list of instructions to the pc and ask it to complete whatever you wish it to complete.

Thus the conclusion is if you need the personal computer to carry out any form of perform that you just want then you definitely create a system and submit to it, plus the laptop or computer will do that operate for you.

The you could ask me what about programming language?

Let us contemplate the identical above language, If my deaf servant knows French and I know English and if I write the list in English, then can he do the operate once more the answer is really a large "NO".

Then in order for my servant to complete my work I've to write the list inside the language which he knows. Similarly, if I create to the computer in my language, then can the laptop or computer do the operate, the answer is definitely the very same "NO". Then in order for my computer to perform the perform I've write a plan in a language which the laptop understands.

That is definitely why you must discover a programming language, by which you could ask the computer to perform any perform as per your needs.

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