Mio Alpha Review: A Strapless Continuous Heart Rate Monitor for your Wrist

By all accounts the device on my wrist is really a watch. It rests on my wrist just like a watch. Its digital show shows four numbers representing the existing time just like a watch. It’s got an adjustable band that keeps it firmly snug just like a watch. These uncomplicated details notwithstanding I would be remiss if I stated the device was merely a watch, because it is simultaneously so much much more and less than that.

This new Mio App-cessory is often a tool, that when placed around the wrist and secured above the wrist bone towards the elbow will give an correct heart rate reading irrespective of the speed you might be biking and up to 14 mph even though operating. It does so by using green light technology that is definitely projected into your wrist. When said light enters your bloodstream only a portion is reflected and returned for the sensor thus providing you your readout. And now, because the user, it is on you to use this data in what ever way you see fit.

The goal of this product was not merely a heart monitor as any person can make these. It was to make a basic, straight-forward tool that when combined with an app in your phone or tablet tends to make monitoring and keeping track of your exercise data a seamless and user-friendly approach. The paint brush is only as great as the artist that wields it and within this case the monitor and information are only as helpful because the athlete scrutinizing them. To their credit Mio has designed a straightforward, clean device with straight lines plus a smart ergonomic design and style that compliments the simplicity of its functionality. It literally has two buttons, one on each and every side. The left sets the time and also the correct checks heart price. There is certainly a tiny light inside the middle that shines blue, green or red depending on your heartrate. And that is it. If you’re in search of a chronometer or perhaps a backlight or any other bells & whistles you’l be forced to look elsewhere. This solution is developed to get your heart price into your telephone so you can better monitor and adjust your training regimen, not check Greenwich Mean Time, and even though they will be coming out with an app of their own the Mio is created to allow the user to utilize whichever app they like or have become accustomed to using. Battery life is solid, stating a definite 8-10 hours but thats a minimum and contingent upon use and charging is often a breeze.

The only real drawback is the device is made specifically for operating or biking as a straight wrist is necessary to get a reliable reading. Any workout regimen with wrist twisting or flexing tends to make the device give spotty readings so yoga, CrossFit and weightlifting are out. So who is this App-cessory excellent for?

“For any individual looking for a significantly less invasive monitor, this is a excellent solution”

Any individual familiar with heart monitors knows that traditionally they have been attached to a chest strap that goes over your heart, or at times can be placed around the upper back. These can be invasive, shift around whilst exercising and god forbid you do anything where you fall and impale yourself on it. For everyone seeking a much less invasive monitor, this is a superior solution. The athlete hunting to take their training for the next level may also want easy to obtain data for themselves to use their limited training time as efficiently as possible. For the layman/luddite who’s doctor or family insists on a regimen that gets them out ahead of their genetically predisposed heart issues the Mio offers an option for those that aren’t tech savvy although still being sleek and efficient tool for the first adopters out there. Truly an exercise in juxtaposition, the Mio is very simple looking and effective device created for simplicity and results, the likes of which you can do with as you see fit.For more information please visit Mio Alpha 2 Coupon

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