Best Practical Information On Finding New Music Online

Back into the day, one was required to just go physically look for new music, either at the shop or at the live show. That method is obsolete. Today, you will find all sorts of new and uncommon music on the click of any mouse. The tunes store has gone out and internet based shopping is within. There are numerous websites like Beatport and Bandcamp that supply downloadable content with the same price as an audio CD. You don't have to waste valuable time and money getting to the store and you don't have to worry about your purchase getting damaged in any way. That's the advantage here. If you are looking for something in particular, and you can browse through a number of categories such as releasegenre and date, etc, each site has its own search engine.

Another advantage of downloading music from the internet is that these websites will show you albums that are related to your search in some way or other. It could be from the same artist, or it may be a similar genre, or it could possibly be also a totally different genre and artist which happens to have the identical name (It has happened to me furthermore). In this spirit, you can sit at your pc the complete day, just exploring all of the related albums the site throws at you. When you do, you will feel that all the wasted hours were worth it, though most times, you may not find anything that will interest you.

Popular social media sites are also good causes of new underground music. Every major artist, and therefore every small-time artist, has a Facebook page, a SoundCloud page, a YouTube page, a MySpace page, a ReverbNation page and possibly more pages than I care to know about, though Facebook and MySpace should not be taken too seriously; Facebook, because everyone is so lost in their own pseudo personal virtual lives that any music on the site usually falls on deaf ears, and; MySpace, because of the file size and format restrictions - No one wants to hear low quality MP3's when you get loss-less audio on SoundCloud.

In my humble opinion, the most reliable sources for good, unique music simply because that's what they were designed for - media sharing, YouTube and SoundCloud are. When someone logs straight into one of these simple sites, you can be assured their only aim is to look for music.

SoundCloud even offers you the choice of downloading from the internet site. If the uploader has enabled downloads for his upload, that is. By uploading their live sets for promotional purposes, many DJ's are using this to their advantage. Independent producers, as well, are uploading their original music and enabling downloads, as being a sort of gift for their listeners on SoundCloud for supporting them and spreading their music. You can also get 'buy' links to many tracks according to if the uploader has inserted one or perhaps not. This will probably lead you to the favorite pay sites like Beatport or iTunes. For more information please visit Neue Songs Finden

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