You have to know a lot of things in order to avoid your backyard

Very useful is the most obvious method to get rid of pests, namely the straightforward assortment of animals. If you regularly removing the animals that you can discover, the damage to your plants will keep in check, and the worm will disappear, even though it's not fun. You also do not have to turn over every leaf, if you create a place in your garden, which is especially attractive to the snails. There the animals are mainly congregate as well as the collection is facilitated.

They are plants that are liked by the slugs or a strong attractive fragrance exude. To name as an example could be mustard. Furthermore, you can just put some wooden boards between your beds. There you will cavort, when the sun shines too strongly, as well as night the boards function as a technique for the snails. If you have any inhibitions to capture the animals by hand, there is the possibility to buy a special slugs Claw in stores. So, you can the pests in a bucket do to them then to kill. This you are doing the most effective, by playing them durchschneidest together with the pruning shears.

Usually do not worry, the animals suffer no great pain. And often you have to be tough because specially in Spanish slugs you have to show no mercy. Because they are practically to supplant the native snails.With regular rainfall you should frequently scatter because the poison dissipates quickly. Slug pellets is also known as a dog suitable. Because even if the interest in slug pellets is not, for example, given in cats and dogs, so the poison gets happy times at the paws, this is not quite true.

When licking the paws, the problem for your beloved pets might take a deadly end. Even toddlers can get the poison into his mouth, which can have devastating effects, because ultimately it concerns with this means to an aggressive neurotoxin. The first indications of a snail invasion from the garden can be nibbled leaves. There is also a complete defoliation, though in the worst case. Snails are going to feed rich places usually do not go alone.

Especially dangerous may be the Spanish Slug. This has spread in Germany because the 70s and it is not fussy in terms of plants inside the garden. Moreover, it has almost no natural enemies. The Spanish slug is called, amongst other things Capuchin snail, slug or Lusitanian slug Large. It is a reasonably large screw 8-12 cm. Because it is bitter and nimble, even hedgehogs and toads will not harm it. She is incredibly fertile, the proliferation of these pests is enormous. Here you get the first ever to do at a snail invasion in the garden and how to combat them, before reading any further you should now view this video you. For more information please visit

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