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Around eighty percent of most information takes the human being to in excess of the attention. Perception and wellbeing influence customer behavior decisively. In the creation of goods and architectural lighting is the most essential important element. Light supported and designed to acknowledge colors and materials, to showcase products optimally as well as stimulate buying. Called The 3-phase spotlight or Track Light, here offers a quite high color rendering. In comparison to halogen lamps require 3-phase LED spotlight only a small fraction of the energy. The reason why depends on the almost loss-free direct conversion of your LED Track light energy into light energy. LEDs convert approximately 72% of the supplied energy into light.

In conventional bulbs (eg halogen) are only about 9 - converted 20% of the supplied energy into light. The rest of the energy "fizzles" meaningless as heat. Halogen spotlights, you may, following a short operation is not really touch, LED bulbs already. LED bulbs, by way of example, have not, in many instances a maximum operating temperature of just 50 ° C, warmer! By using our LED products, they can save up to 90% of your energy costs. The service life of a V-Photron LED indicates a typical 50,000 hours.. LED Explorer will provide you with the newest LED technology as well as innovative lighting systems.

For comparison: A halogen lamp features a lifespan of only 2000 to 4000 hrs. The semiconductor industry, the average life of a LED is reached when the luminous flux reaches 50% of the initial value by definition. This is certainly generally around 50,000 hours.

LED lighting concepts see and experience of our showroom in Bad Reichenhall. Inside our showroom in Bad Reichenhall, this site offers you an individual free consultation. You are able to convince yourself of the standard of our products locally. Our LED products vary from professional 3-phase busbar systems with single and double emitters to patented LED solutions for shopfitting. For more information please visit

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