Ways to recover lost iPhone data

There's a million ways to lose your iPhone data, but while you're searching online, in mild panic, looking for ways to recover deleted pictures or lost contacts, it may look like there is not a single way to get them back.

We store an impressive volume of data on our iPhones every single day: photos, music and videos SMS messages and attachments, reminders and notes call history, voice memos, Safari bookmarks, any more. All of the can be deleted, either purposely or by mistake, only to understand that it was actually an error in judgment - a second far too late. Unfortunately iPhone doesn't use a "recycle bin" where your deleted data goes.

And, if you suffer a stroke of particularly bad luck, you may lose all your data at once: The update has apparently failed, and your iPhone is now dead for all purposes and intents,. That's one moment you're updating your iPhone, the next moment all you know.

Sometimes people do stupid things, like reset their phone on the factory settings, without making a backup beforehand. Oops, all of your data has been wiped-out! Things could go wrong when attempting a jailbreak. People forget their screen lock passwords. Your phone could possibly get lost, stolen or damaged. Sooner or later, your device will just die, with Apple logo screen of death or inaccessible system error.

If any of these happen to you, it's important to immediately stop using the phone. Any operation can generate new data which can overwrite your lost data, so that it is harder to recuperate. That's why you're advised to never sync your iPhone with iTunes in cases like this: you don't want your backup data being updated. Set iPhone into the flight mode before attempting to recover data. Usually do not try rebooting continuously - that can only cause further data damage.

You can use iTunes backup to regain old data. iPhone has a build-in data recovery feature if you've ever synced your iPhone with iTunes. It's truly worth trying this data recovery tool when backup doesn't exist. If that doesn't work neither, you can use a third-party software to directly scan and try to recover data from your iPhone. There are even tools that will restore back your settings, that you have spent hours creating. For more information please visit iPhone data recovery

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