IMEI Unlock Code - Exactly What Does it Mean?

No one is taking the time to explain exactly what it means, although everyone's talking about unlocked cell phones. Below are a few basic points regarding the subject:

On the whole, there are 2 main varieties of cellular phones, GSM and CDMA, each compatible to different frequency ranges. When GSM compatible phones come out of the factory, they could be used under any GSM carrier (AT&T, T-Mobile etc.) worldwide utilizing a SIM card.

However, mobile carriers usually choose to lock these settings, so that they don't work with other customers and carriers can't simply change carriers at will. They then offer cheap phones in exchange for a long term resolve for services plan. Unlocking mobile phones sometimes enables the individual to turn back the lock settings as well as to use their device with other GSM carriers. Another way is to buy the phone in the original state, already unlocked.

Could you use cell phone unlock codes you could find on the internet?

Unlock codes found online could either be worthless or harmful to your device as propriety setting can still remain on the telephone, so it's usually best to simply leave it to professionals.

As CDMA phones don't use SIM cards, at present unlocked CDMA cell-phones is only a concept and they are pretty much programmed to work only under their assigned carrier. But as technology keeps changing, it may certainly be possible down the road. For more information please visit Network Unlock Code

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