Guidelines to help you Look for a DUI Lawyer That's Ideal For You

Choosing a lawyer for the DUI could be the most integral a part of accomplishing the goals with your case. There is lots of information around, and sifting through it to obtain the right DUI attorney can be a daunting task. Below are a few helpful tips to help you look for a DUI lawyer that's best for you.

It's actually quite important, and not as easy as you might think, although this may seem like a simple step. An attorney who says "I handle DUI's" may not have the quantity of knowledge you truly want. Ask what amount of a lawyer's case load is DUI's. How long they have been practicing DUI law? Can they regularly attend seminars to take care of to date on ever-changing driving while intoxicated laws? Will they be up-to-date on all current DUI state laws? Don't be scared to question specific questions regarding your case and just how it would impact you. They likely do not practice enough drunk driving defense if the attorney is unwilling to give you specific answers about how the OWI will affect you.

I've seen firsthand how knowing the players on the field can be just as important as knowing the rules of the game, as a practicing Wisconsin DUI attorney well versed in Wisconsin DUI law. Learning the particular judges, and how they run their courtroom, while it won't affect the law, can increase your chances for the positive outcome. Knowing the prosecutors, alternatively, is definitely an invaluable resource. If the DUI attorney you are considering knows the prosecutor's names, and if he has worked with them in the past, check to see. Ask what the attorney plans on doing to learn about them before stepping foot in the Courtroom if not.

Every so often, I recieve retained on cases outside my general geographic region in Northeast Wisconsin. Understanding that I am just an incredibly experienced Wisconsin DUI attorney and extremely acquainted with Wisconsin DUI laws, we've had clients get into trouble out-of-town but need a lawyer off their area to use, or clients from all of areas of Wisconsin that are familiar with our reputation as being a Wisconsin DUI attorney and are willing to pay to obtain excellent, aggressive representation. Some customers are concerned of your 'ol boys network' and need a certain DUI attorney from outside their geographic area.

Beware, sometimes a prosecutor knowing your attorney can be quite a negative. The prosecutor will know that fact and may be less willing to give your attorney the best deal possible if your attorney does not challenge OWI's or DUI's aggressively. It is unlikely the prosecutor will give an offer that contemplates the case going to trial if the attorney has a reputation for taking a plea deal and not going to trial. For more information please visit

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