An Evaluation on Paragon Software

Since image-based backup is rapidly replacing other options for data backup, I want to showcase Paragon Software's Drive Backup 10 Server, that provides a characteristic-rich solution with fast backup and (furthermore) fast data and system restoration. Around the whole, I believe it's the best one available.

The application permits multiple backup scenarios in virtual and physical environments. It gives complete user control or even for simplicity of use, the Smart Backup Wizard, which may be used to generate virtually all backup tasks. The straightforward and fast backup procedure is easy and intuitive, so it may be delegated to virtually any IT personnel. When image-based backup is overkill, the file-based back-up is straightforward and literally instantaneous.

The software supports virtual environments via compatibility with MS Virtual PC, MS Virtual Server, VMware Workstation, MS Hyper-V, VMware Fusion, VMware ESX Server, and Oracle VirtualBox. This virtualization support is a critical consider Paragon's ongoing success in the marketplace. The flexibleness this product offers within the virtualization process is extraordinary. The advantages of this software become more apparent, as more companies move toward a virtual environment. Using the disk imaging areas of Drive Backup 10, administrators can rapidly handle the migration from physical to virtual, virtual to virtual, and back again.

The program also features a great many optional and included features. Adaptive Restore is their hardware migration feature, plus a case study on their website indicates the merchandise saved Purdue University's IT department substantial resources. Needless to say, the standards including bare-metal system restore, granular restore, boot correction, plus more are available. The software is feature rich, again demonstrating its value to experienced users, as the wizard indicates the simplicity of use intended and the user-friendliness that makes the application a logical and versatile choice.

Drive Backup 10 Server is a great demonstration of an application product created with companies as opposed to tech departments under consideration. Don't misunderstand me; the IT department will adore it. The point is that the product is designed with business purposes in mind. Thus, the product achieves company goals-corporate objectives, rather than just departmental objectives. The flexibility of your software allows its use to get focused and good at multiple environments and multiple business situations. Prospective customers may also request a trial download in the system image and drive image backup software in the Paragon website. Several other excellent software utilities are available there too. For more information please visit Paragon Partition Manager Coupon

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