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Dacuda PocketScan is the world’s smallest wireless scanner that works with almost all sorts oflaptops and tablets, desktop computers (Windows and Mac) and smartphones (iOS and Android). Read our Dacuda PocketScan review to know much more about this handheld scanner with Bluetooth and OCR.

Dacuda PocketScan can be a small pocket scanner that scans all popular formats and produces premium quality results. It offers an advanced text recognition feature that permits instant editing of text and tables in Word and Excel. Using this type of device, you may translate the scanned text also. The output is premium quality with 400 dpi. In all of the lighting conditions, the scan is released perfect. You may also see what scan you are producing at the time of scanning. This world’s smallest wireless pocket scanner is compatible with Mac, Windows and iOS and Android devices.

Dacuda PocketScan is actually a complete scanning solution for your personal personal and official needs. It arrives with the following features:

Produces high quality scans that are superior to mobile photos
Enables you to observe the scan instantly
Allows simple and easy , instant editing of scans
Has built-in illumination technology that makes bright color scans under any lighting condition
Works perfectly with software applications like Microsoft Office others, Evernote and suite
Transforms tables and texts instantly and accurately
Recognizes and translates texts of approximately 60 different languages
Scans the things which can not fit the normal scanner like A2 format; just run the scanner within the content and possess it moved to your device.
Who Will Need This Ultra Portable Scanner?

PocketScan is definitely the requirement ofstudents and teachers, office workers etc. who definitely have scanning needs. This tiny scanner enables them to to fulfill their regular scanning requirement without carrying huge scanner using them. It really connects along with your mobile devices and permits you to edit your scans immediately.

This portable device weighs only 85g and contains the dimension of 95 x 50 x 27 mm. It features a powerful battery that offers you greater than 400 scans in one run. Dacuda merchandise is famous all over the world. Over 1 million users worldwide trust Dacuda. Know more about please visit this link Smallest Pocket Scanner

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